javax_slr (javax_slr) wrote,

How reindex face recognition in Lightroom 6

The solution:
1. Backup your lrcat file
2. Open your lrcat file in sqlitestudio
3. Bring SQL console (Alt-E)

Run SQL query

delete from Adobe_LibraryImageFaceProcessHistory where id_local in (select face.id_local from AgLibraryFile file join AgLibraryFolder folder on file.folder = folder.id_local join Adobe_images image on file.id_local = image.rootFile join Adobe_LibraryImageFaceProcessHistory face on face.image = image.id_local where folder.pathFromRoot like "2009/japan%")
where you replace the last part (2009/japan) by the path you want reindex. Do not forget % sign at the end - it means all paths staring by 2009\japan
Probably you need replace backslash \ by slash / on Mac
Tags: photo, software

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