javax_slr (javax_slr) wrote,

Help with HTTP!

I'm trying to simulate a user interaction with the website using Apache HTTP client 4.3

I see (using Developers tools in Chrome) that a search for tickets is done by following steps:
1. I enter the web site "" and receive session cookie.
2. A browser sends HTTP Post with flight details to and receive response 302 with a header "Location" with some URL
3. The browser goes to this URL using GET, receives http code 302 again with location
4.We make HTTP GET to and here it receives response code 200 with search results

My problem is that in step 3 I receive HTTP code 200 w/o redirection to results.

Can somebody help me?
I can send my Groovy+HTTP Client 4.3 script ...

Thank you!
Tags: programming

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