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ASHG 2012 abstracts

Dienekes рассказывает об абстрактах:

On the Sardinian ancestry of the Tyrolean Iceman
Y Chromosome J Haplogroups trace post glacial period expansion from Turkey and Caucasus into the Middle East
Analytical inference of human demographic history using multiple individual genome sequences:
A genomewide map of Neandertal ancestry in modern humans
Analysis of contributions of archaic genome and their functions in modern non-Africans
Sequencing of an extended pedigree in Western chimpanzees
The genetic structure of Western Balkan populations
Asian Expansion of Modern Human out of Africa
Paleolithic human migrations in East Eurasia by sequencing Y chromosomes:
Inferring and sequencing the founding bottleneck of Ashkenazim ( This group has experienced an extreme bottleneck 30-35 generations ago, with subsequent expansion greatly exceeding the growth rate across all humans. Data are consistent with bottleneck size of merely 400 founders.)

И до кучи: Как оказалось, «мусорная» ДНК содержит важную информацию

Вообще - RSS агрегаторы, Газету.ру и Dienekes - рулез
Tags: dna-genealogy

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