javax_slr (javax_slr) wrote,

С Запада на Восток ...

К нашим многочисленным дискуссиям о теориях Диамонда о причинах более быстрого развития народов Евразии, чем народов Африки и Америки:

The researchers found that if a country had a greater east–west axis than a north–south one, the less likely it was for its indigenous languages to persist. The relationship isn't straightforward, but the model suggests that Mongolia, which is about twice as wide as it is tall, would have 5% fewer indigenous languages than Angola, which is roughly square. Meanwhile, Peru — about twice as tall as it is wide — would be predicted to have 5% more persistent languages than Angola. The result, say the authors, supports Diamond's theory because it indicates that east–west countries have more homogeneous cultures.


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