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Прониковенье наше по планете ...

Товарищ прислал, получено от клиентов фирмы с целью получения support'а:

The situation is as follows [please not the case of userids]

1) User name is SNBB\xyu and logs on to an agent machine gama11 as SNBB\xyu
2) User SNBB\xyu issues an agent command on gama11. Control/M AIX validates security using the user xyu@gama11
3) User's command is ctmcreate for owner SNBB\xyu
4) The job appears in ECS for SNBB\xyu.
The same effect as 4) and 5) can be obtained by any job creation technique.
5) When the job starts execution, the CTM agent logs the user on as SNB\XYU. This succeeds as Windows is case-preserving but case-insensitive.
6) That batch job issues an agent command. Control/M AIX validates security using the user XYU@gama11
7) Since security processing on Control/M AIX is case sensitive, this fails unless the user's security definitions have been defined twice, as both xyu and XYU

We have sent a traces from both the Agent and the Server for the above scenario. The agent logs clearly show the switch from SNBB\xyu to SNBB\XYU.
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