javax_slr (javax_slr) wrote,

Зеленый Kai Hua Long Ding

Очень интересный чай, с сильным травяным привкусом.

Kai Hua Long Ding Green Tea is one of the famous tea in Zhejiang Province. Kai Hua Long Ding Green Tea is produced from good quality young tea buds and leaves. Kai Hua Long Ding Green Tea has a sweet and flowery taste with a slight hint of nutty flavor to it. It is soothing and refreshing to drink through out the day. Kai Hua Long Ding Green Tea is interesting as with different brewing methods give different level of taste and flavor. We tried with a lower temperature but higher steeping time yielded a wonderful cup. Kai Hua Long Ding Green Tea is something new to try this season.

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