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Линки: ДНК генеалогия

Абстракты статей с 4th International Symposium on Biomolecular Archaeology.

Major study of Central Asian populations.
The analysis of genetic variation reveals that Central Asian diversity is mainly shaped by linguistic affiliation, with Turkic-speaking populations forming a cluster more closely related to East-Asian populations and Indo-Iranian speakers forming a cluster closer to Western Eurasians.

Genetic differences between five European populations

ASHG 2010 abstracts
В частности:

  • The Initial Peopling Of The Americas: An Ever-Growing Number Of Founding Mitochondrial Genomes From Beringia
  • The male gene pool of the contemporary Mesopotamia marsh population supports their Semitic origin.
  • Western Eurasian Y chromosomes found in the Chinese Salar ethnic group
  • Music as a novel marker in the study of prehistoric human migrations.
  • Admixture in Ashkenazi Jewish cohorts and implications for association studies.
Tags: dna-genealogy, links

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