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ДНК Генеалогия: весёлые картинки

Меня обвиняли что непонятно пишу про ДНК генеалогию.
Сегодня -

* In Α we see a west-east differentiation in northern Europe, with Irish and Russians in the two ends of PC1.
* In Β we see differentiation of non-Jewish southern European populations from Ashkenazi Jews along PC1 and from Druze, Palestinians, and Bedouins, along PC2. Greeks are concentrated near the center at the lower left quadrant.
* In C we see all the populations using only ancestry-informative markers and in D with all 270k markers. The two plots are similar, although use of the full set results in clearer results. We observe a cline of populations from the Near East to Northern Europe at the bottom. A little discontinuity between Greeks and Arabs would probably disappear if geographically intermediate populations had been included. Ashkenazi Jews are differentiated from the entire sample, suggesting that due to genetic drift, selection, or cryptic other ancestry (?) they cannot be reckoned as a simple European-Near Eastern mix genetically.

Между прочим оттуда же:

Видите близость ащкеназских евреев к адыгейцам?

Самое интересное что
один профессор
, анализируя геном моей бабушки тоже указал, что из европейских народов, ашкеназы ближе всего к адыгейцам (а среди ближневосточных - к бедуинам и палестинцам, но это как раз не удивительно)

из статьи Refinement of ancestry informative markers in Europeans (Tian et al. 2009)

Оценка времени возникновения семитских языков.
Из статьи
Bayesian phylogenetic analysis of Semitic languages identifies an Early Bronze Age origin of Semitic in the Near East

Из статьи Y chromosome population structure in Arabian peninsula


Из статьи Genetic structure in Europeans (Nelis et al. 2009)

так интереснее? Ну хоть кому то?
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