javax_slr (javax_slr) wrote,

Мне на рабочем лаптопе переинсталлировали виндоуз

Вот что я сразу же туда поставил

0. Options for fоlders - classic view, Show system files, and content of system dirs, NOT hide extension, show path in bar ...
0.5. russian phonetic keyboard
1. Recent Drivers for video card and display
2. Firefox
3. notepad++
4. Nero
5. Password boss
6. Free launch bar
7. Console 2.0
8. TreeSize Free
9. FileMon & ProcessExplorer from
10. Trivial Proxy
11. Cygwin
12. Many Firefox extensions
13. Path2Clipboard
14. Asterisk key
15. SpamBayes
16. Miranda
17. Free download manager
18. Foobar
19. ArsClip
20. AnVir Task Manager
21. Google Desktop
22. 7zip
Tags: software

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