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Из обсуждения на mailing list haplogroup G


"Haplogroup G, G1, G2 and the M406 clade predate the founding of the Jewish religion; Abraham is thought to have lived sometime between 2000-1500 BC (BCE) and is thought to have been born either in southeastern Turkey near Edessa or in southern Iraq; it depe3nds on which Ur you choose.

Juxtaposing Abraham’s birth date, the probable date of the founding of Judaism and the ages of G, G1, G2 and M406, reveals that some clades, subclades or lineages within a clade or subclade could have been among the founders of Judaism.. Some may have joined or left Judaism at any point in time. I think that G is similar to J2 and E3B in that regard. Certain cades/sub-clades of both are almost all Jewish, some partial, some not at all. Remember with G that there are outlier groups of G throughout central Asia up into Siberia and over to Northern China and down into India. We know very little of some of these groups and we are still some distance from a having a complete picture."
Tags: dna-genealogy

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