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Мир. Дружба. Генеалогия

Написал мне мужик из Штатов, обладатель гаплогруппы G1a, чьи предки - арабы христиане из Бейт Лехема (Вифлеема).
Просит дать анализ его гаплотипа.

Вот мой ответ ему:
Hi, Henry,
Unfortunately you made only 12 markers test, which is not enough for any serious analysis.
But i can tell following:

1. You nearest match is Salume, whose ancestors are from Beit Lechem too. However you have 2 markers difference on 12 markers - which means that a common ancestor lived about 42 generations ago. My idea that arabic G1a may be related to a Persian invasion to Holy Land in the year 642
2. You (and Salume) are very far from all other G1a, including me - more than 3000 years to the most recent common ancestor!
Tags: dna-genealogy

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